Voorpraktijken for Care Offices

There is a well-known proverb that says "Every man to his trade". As a care provider, you are trained to provide good care. Perhaps this is why you have delegated the activities relating to purchasing and contract management to your practice or office manager. With many hundreds of care offices as clients, Voorpraktijken knows that almost every practice manager already has too much work and therefore does not have the time to deal with less urgent matters such as the contracts. Moreover, facility purchasing and contract management is an entirely different profession, where the right knowledge and experience can be put to good use. That is why many care offices already entrust this area to Voorpraktijken. The return on investment improves and everyone can carry out the work that brings the most job satisfaction. 

Do you comply with laws and regulations and the requirements of your insurance company?

In addition, Voorpraktijken identifies and supports matters that are not or not well enough regulated and that are made mandatory by law or by the insurance company. Think of the inspection of fire extinguishers or maintenance of the burglary system.     

Worry-free service from A to Z

A complete worry-free service is embedded in the DNA of Voorpraktijken. Voorpraktijken understands that you prefer not to look up all kinds of documents. That is why our service always start with an assessment visit. In practice, our advisor independently collects all information and examines the entire care office in order to provide good advice. During a decision meeting, you indicate which recommendations will be adopted and whether Voorpraktijken is allowed to carry them out. Voorpraktijken cancels old contracts, secures end dates and ensures that new contracts start at the right time.

Savings, but not at any cost 

In all assessments, Voorpraktijken shows considerable savings potential. But this is never at the expense of the Voorpraktijken's conditions "QSCPS", which stands for "Quality, Service, Conditions, Price and Sustainability". Sustainability has an important place in Voorpraktijken. For example, only sustainable energy is purchased and by cleverly putting together maintenance contracts, mechanic visits are kept to a minimum. Digital invoicing is now a minimum requirement. All suppliers and partners with whom Voorpraktijken cooperates are selected and periodically tested under the conditions "QSCPS". This ensures that the facilities issues are well taken care of, that you need to pay minimal attention to them and that you also save money at the bottom of the line.

Let's meet

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